InaPlex Integration and Migration Solutions

CRM Integration
- the core of InaPlex

At InaPlex, we understand that CRM integration is not simply about moving data, it’s also about transforming it - screening, cleaning and modifying - and ensuring data integrity at every step. Our integration engine, Inaport, provides powerful solutions for thousands of companies throughout the world.

  • Easy and intuitive, users quickly see results
  • Scheduling is integral and straight forward to implement
  • Extensive function libraries provide a high degree of automation
  • Exceptional query tools handle even the most difficult data needs

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Successful CRM Migration
with Inaport

Your client information is extremely valuable, and needs to be protected when you migrate to a new CRM system. Inaport takes the hassle and risk out of CRM migration with quick, clean and reliable transfer of client details and history.

  • Prebuilt migration maps available for many CRM systems
  • Maps can be modified for customized fields
  • Difficult to move entities, such as emails, are pre-mapped
  • Query language can be used to transform data and maintain integrity

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The #1 Combination of
Power, Flexibility and Price.

For over a decade, Inaport has been used by thousands of companies throughout the world to move valuable information into and out of their CRM systems. Its success is due to a unique combination of power, versatility and value.

  • Inaport’s scale means it can be used for almost any integration or migration challenge; learn Inaport once, then use it for everything!
  • With Inaport’s flexible pricing you only pay for what you need, and as our pricing is not tied to seats, you are never penalized for growth
  • InaPlex provides exceptional support; we understand that our clients’ success is our success.

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Solve challenging data problems with Inaport

Inaport can be used to meet almost any data integration or migration need, from simple back-office integration to complex lead routing.

XRM Development

Inaport for Microsoft CRM is at the heart of XRM environments for some large organizations.

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Marketing Automation

Link your CRM solution to marketing automation systems such as Eloqua and Hubspot.

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Inaport has successfully helped thousands of companies throughout the world overcome a wide range business challenges.

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Sage 1000 Upgrades

Easy migration of SageCRM 6.x to SageCRM 7.2 as part of an overall Sage 1000 2.x upgrade.

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Multinational Capability

Multinationals use Inaport to standardise integration with various back office systems.

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CRM Migration Specialists

At InaPlex we appreciate how valuable your business data is: our migration solutions protect this investment when you migrate to a new CRM system.

Whether we are supporting our Partners or their clients, InaPlex provides comprehensive and accurate results. From free advice and training, to consulting and fixed-price projects, InaPlex can help with every aspect of your CRM migration.

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